Friday, January 19, 2018

Real-time simulated control system on Samsung Artik

In this one-minute Youtube video you'll see a real-time simulation in
MIMIC MQTT Simulator of a control system with multiple sensors exporting
temperature values to the Samsung Artik IoT platform. The values increase
until a threshold, at which time the platform rule activates an actuator,
causing the temperature values drop. When low enough, the actuator is
turned off.

This setup quickly simulates what happens in any kind of control system,
be it a data center with heating computers and fans to cool them, dams with
rising water levels and valves to release the water, pressure inside reactors,

What is missing in this simulation are backup rules in case the temperature
does not respond as expected. Once implemented, the simulation can
verify any pathological scenario, allowing disaster training, etc.

MIMIC MQTT Simulator can prototype solutions in a fraction of the time of
real systems.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Real-time telemetry from simulated sensors to Thingsboard

MIMIC MQTT Simulator can deterministically control multiple sensors'
telemetry values to reproduce any scenario you need.

In this one minute Youtube video we demonstrate how it can be done.
We change the temperature values of 5 simulated sensors that are displayed
in the customized Thingsboard dashboard.

In MIMIC, what you can do with one simulated sensor you can do with
thousands, if not millions.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Video: Simulated real-time telemetry to Thingsboard IoT Platform

This 30-second Youtube video demonstrates real-time changing telemetry
from a simulated sensor in MIMIC MQTT Simulator visualized in the
Thingsboard dashboard. In MIMIC, what you can do to one sensor you can
do to thousands, if not millions, to allow development, testing, tuning,
training, demonstration of complicated IoT scenarios at large scale.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Video: Real-time telemetry simulation to Pubnub

Pubnub has recently updated their MQTT support and we have verified
that indeed it is easy to connect simulated MQTT sensors.

Following those directions we have configured our usual Bosch sensor
simulation in MIMIC MQTT Simulator to publish changing temperature
values and which are detected in a configured function in Pubnub
as shown in the debug console.

This 1-minute Youtube video shows the sensor publishing diverse
telemetry such as acceleration, humidity, temperature, pressure, etc
every 10 seconds. After a couple of intervals we change the temperature
in real-time through the MIMICview GUI from 50 C to 150 C. The configured
function in Pubnub detects the published values and prints them in the
debug console.

What we did interactively through the GUI can be done programmatically
for any number of sensors at will to reproduce any required scenario.

Friday, December 29, 2017

Real-time telemetry simulation to Samsung Artik IoT platform

In this video we demonstrate in 1 minute how MIMIC MQTT Simulator
exports real-time telemetry that changes precisely. The chart in the

Samsung Artik dashboard that monitors the temperature value shows
the changes at the instant they happen.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Solarwinds and MIMIC Simulator

If you need to develop and test customizations, or train staff on the
Solarwinds management application, then you can create a facsimile
of your production network in MIMIC Simulator and reproduce interesting

For example, here we show a simulated network being managed by Solarwinds.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Long-term testing with MIMIC Simulator

What do our test systems do over the weekend? They run longer-term tests
that we cannot run overnight.

For example, they run one MIMIC MQTT Simulator test that continuously in
a loop starts 1000 sensors, publishes messages for a while, then stops
them, as might happen in a real-world scenario.

The code is as simple as this:

% while ( 1 )
    ./mimicsh --nogui --script mqtt-start-many.mtcl --args "1 1000 1000"
    sleep 10
    ./mimicsh --nogui --script mqtt-stop-many.mtcl --args "1 1000 1000"

With this simple 5-line test we found that a third-party MQTT broker
was failing after a while. Apparently it was not configured to handle the
"TCP SYN flood" that the OS detected.

Chalk it up to another configurable on brokers that we learned the
hard way.

 If your MQTT broker does not have the configurables for SYN flooding
in their documentation, then you will encounter this problem in your
deployment when all those sensor connections start flapping.

This is but one of the many tests that you can perform with MIMIC MQTT
Simulator on your MQTT broker before IoT deployment to avoid costly
problems in the real world.