Thursday, May 28, 2009

MIMIC Simulator for WiMax and LTE

MIMIC Simulator is being used in WiMax and LTE environments as well as WiFi
environments, to simulate a multitude of SNMP agents for OSS testing.

MIMIC SNMP Simulator allows wireless equipment manufacturers to create a virtual
lab with thousands of 3G or 4G Wireless (WiMAX, Wi-Fi, LTE) devices and related
infrastructure. Developers can perform real world tests on large networks at a
fraction of cost of buying the equipment. Carrier-grade Ethernet manufacturers
can verify proper OAM of their demarcation devices. Wireless operators can verify
that their OSS handles the transition from 3G to 4G. MIMIC simulates Ethernet
Demarcation Devices, Wireless Switches, Routers, Gateways, Intermediate stations
and base stations.

MIMIC allows manufacturers to design, develop and test their products in a virtual
and scalable network environment, assuring customers that their applications will
work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments. MIMIC simulates
standard MIBs (802.16 MIBs: WMAN-DEV-MIB, WMAN-IF-MIB, WMAN-PRIVATE-MIB) as well
as enterprise MIBs from vendors such as Alvarion, Trango, etc.

See the MIMIC Simulator page for details.
From Gambit, the leaders in SNMP simulation.

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