Thursday, January 21, 2010

MIMIC Simulator 10.10 runs on PuppyLinux 4.1.2

We have reports of MIMIC Simulator 10.10 running on PuppyLinux 4.1.2.
This SNMP simulation is running on a Thinkpad 380Z.
Attached is a screenshot.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Watch4net uses MIMIC Simulator

Watch4net has announced that they use MIMIC Simulator.

Watch4net, one of leading providers of service assurance software, announced that it is using Gambit Communications' MIMIC® Simulator to simplify the cycle of adding new vendors/technology support to its Watch4net APG Software Suite portfolio.

"MIMIC helps us maintain our leadership in service assurance software." said Vincent De Garie, Director Marketing Operations at Watch4net. "We use MIMIC in functional testing to simulate a controlled device behavior. MIMIC allows our engineers to run performance load tests and certify analytics from multiple technologies domains including Network, Wireless, Applications, and Storage. It is saving us time, money and enables us in creating many test scenarios which are hard to build."

See the full release here.