Thursday, May 24, 2018

MIMIC MQTT Simulator supports Sparkplug IoT standard

Cirrus Link has published an open-source IIoT (Industrial IoT) standard
called Sparkplug which specifies a framework for stateful data exchange
between things (sensors, actuators, gateways) and applications via the
MQTT protocol.

Inductive Automation's Ignition platform with their MQTT Edge module
implements this standard to supply an industrial-strength scalable
IoT application environment. The eco-system of devices that connects
to Ignition via MQTT must support the Sparkplug state machine.

MIMIC MQTT Simulator is designed to perform large-scale development /
testing / proof-of-concept / deployment or training on IoT platforms,
including Ignition. We have applied the open source Sparkplug library
to simulated sensors in MIMIC to integrate a large number of things
into Ignition.

This screenshot shows  10 simulated Bosch sensors publishing unique
temperature values to Ignition.

(we have posted a follow-up article.)