Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Live, dynamic, immediate, 24/7, interactive Ubidots demo

 FYI, we have published a demo with MIMIC MQTT Lab for the Ubidots IoT platform that is

  1. live - real-time telemetry, no pre-canned videos;
  2. dynamic - things are changing all the time, GPS coordinates, telemetry;
  3. immediate - no need to sign up, etc. just open 2 web browser windows;
  4. predictable - telemetry looks deliberately artificial to show complete control;
  5. interactive - can change the telemetry in real-time;
  6. 24/7 - any time of day or night.

The demo shows asset tracking features for a fleet of vehicles: real-time telemetry updates the location

on the map. If the vehicle is going too fast or is stopped, the colors of the gauge widgets turn to yellow and red respectively.

To try it now, open 2 web browser windows side by side with the URLs to

eg. as in this Youtube video

 You can change the speed of vehicle 1 with the Demo menu. Allow a couple of seconds to see the impact in the dashboard.

UPDATE: You can now try the same demo for several more platforms: