Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Simulate your RelayR IoT environment with MIMIC IoT Simulator

Don't have different types of sensors to test / prototype / deploy your
IoT application on RelayR? Looking to scale without the expense?

Now you can quickly simulate different types of sensors to send MQTT
payload messages at arbitrary rate to your application.  In this
screenshot we quickly setup 4 different sensor types showing dynamic
values changing in the RelayR console.

MIMIC IoT Simulator can simulate unlimited number of sensors of
unlimited variety with unlimited scenarios, all in software. You can go
beyond the requirements so that there will be no surprises after

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Scale your IBM Bluemix IoT testing with MIMIC MQTT Simulator

Setting up large IoT environments for development, testing and training
is expensive and time-consuming.

Now you can easily scale your IoT environment for testing with
IBM Bluemix with MIMIC MQTT Simulator. MIMIC simulates large
numbers of sensors generating arbitrary MQTT payloads at desired rates
to prototype application policies, test performance under stress, and
develop sales demonstrations and training curricula.

Here we see 10 simulated MQTT sensors connected to Bluemix generating
messages and responding to commands. With MIMIC, what you can do with
10 sensors you can do with 100,000 sensors from one server or virtual
machine on either private or public cloud.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Quickly prototype your subscriber client with MIMIC and a public MQTT broker

The public MQTT brokers at


allow you quickly to test your MQTT clients. The problem is: so do
many other people. Thus, the messages you receive are completely
outside your control.

By using simulated sensors with MIMIC MQTT Simulator, you can
rapidly prototype your MQTT subscriber application to scale your
IoT environment. For example, this screenshot shows 100 simulated
sensors publishing arbitrary payload messages at predefined rate,
and a mosquitto subscriber client displaying them.

At the bottom left, the "10000-ft view" of the MIMICView GUI
allows you to monitor and control thousands of simulated sensors.
In this case we see the icons of 100 active sensors.
The MIMIC Log Window with diagnostic messages at bottom right
displays the traced MQTT activity of one of the sensors.
The Mosquitto subscriber at top right displays the received
JSON-formatted messages on one of the topics. The tcpdump
capture in the middle top shows the packets exchanged between
simulated sensors and broker.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Drive automated regression tests with MIMIC and Jenkins

FYI, we have verified that MIMIC Simulator works with Jenkins Continuous Integration Server


by easily configuring it to run some of our MIMIC regression tests. You
should be able to take advantage of this platform to drive the automated
regression tests of your network management app or IOT application with

The attached screenshot shows the log of one of the regression tests which
traverse through various SNMP MIBs. You can run any of the scripts
provided in the MIMIC script library. Since MIMIC can be controlled from
multiple scripting languages, it can easily be controlled from a continuous
delivery platform like Jenkins to setup and exercise your application
features under test.