Friday, May 24, 2019

MIMIC MQTT Simulator: dynamic, scalable device shadows on AWS IoT

This 2-minute Youtube video shows multiple, independent device shadows
updating from MIMIC MQTT Simulator to Amazon AWS IoT with dynamic,
real-time,  predictable, scalable values.

MIMIC allows to quickly create on-demand prototypes and proof-of-concepts for
your particular IoT Application based on AWS IoT device shadows.

Update 12/04/2019:

Our AWS IoT Get Started Tutorial Lab  allows you to get started with
AWS IoT Core in a matter or minutes, learning and experimenting quickly.

Update 2/24/2020:

Here is a video testing AWS IoT Rules.

Monday, May 13, 2019

MIMIC Simulator integrated with Telegraf OSS monitoring application

What better way to quickly develop / test / prototype Telegraf deployments
than with simulated data? MIMIC Simulator delivers the dynamic,
customizable, scalable data for the variety of Telegraf input plugins.

To exercise SNMP interoperability, for this experiment we graph real-time
interface statistics from a simulated Cisco ASR 9000  router.

The graph in Grafana shows ifInOctets SNMP data collected from the MIMIC
simulated Cisco ASR 9000. The data is collected by the Telegraf application
using the SNMP plugin, and output to InfluxDB. Grafana is showing the data
using the InfluxDB as data source.

The Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana setup was done using this link: