Wednesday, June 25, 2014

OpenNMS discovers 500 simulated devices

MIMIC SNMP Simulator simulates 500 devices, and we discover them with
OpenNMS on a 4-CPU virtual machine with 12GB RAM, with this precise inventory

first router = 1
second level routers that connect to first router = 17
third level switches that connect to second level routers = 82
fourth level end systems of phones, Windows and printers = 400

A 16GB RAM VM is not enough for OpenNMS to discover 1000 simulated
devices.  With MIMIC, you can easily test scalability of your NMS

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dynamic IPMI simulation

FYI, we recently have added to our library this video to demonstrate
MIMIC IPMI Simulator changing a Cisco HCS simulation in real-time:

As anyone who has had to deal with static sensors, it is hard to change
them on demand. In the video, we are changing a temperature sensor
at deterministic points in time to specific values. Try that with a blow