Friday, September 30, 2011

MIMIC SNMP Simulator 11.30 performance for 50,000 agents

We have run our standard performance tests on our V40z quad dual-core
server with 32GB RAM running Fedora 13, and there is no performance
degradation for 50,000 active agents.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MIMIC Simulator rent-to-own program

You asked for it and we listened.

In order to alleviate the up-front cost of using MIMIC SNMP Simulator
software in these tough economic times, we are announcing a rental program
with option to acquire the software: rent MIMIC on a monthly basis for 10%
of the cost of the software, and have the option to acquire the software
at the end of 10 months.

MIMIC allows you to test the scalability of your application against 50,000
devices and all possible pathological network scenarios.

This program gives you the most advantages: like a lay-away program it
allows you to spread payments over time, except you get the benefits of
the product before completing the payment plan. This offer is available
for a limited time only.

For details, please visit .

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Practice for your CCNA and win cash

Get ready for your CCNA: A new contest with $70 grand prize

We are announcing a new contest, free to all.

All correct answers will be entered in a drawing for a grand prize valued
at $70 ($50 cash transfer + 1 week rental CCNA pod), and four other prizes
for free rental of our Cisco CCNA lab. No need to fill out any forms.

To enter, connect to your free demo pod at

and win the contest by answering this question:

Log on to router1, and verify that you can ping on switch1.

Using the "Connection" menu, disconnect the Ethernet link between router1
and switch1 (simulating a link failure).

Notice the console message. Send us a copy of the log message
that is generated.

Verify that you cannot ping any more.

What commands do you need to execute to re-route traffic to reach Your final command should be a successful ping.

Hint: you only need to execute commands on router1.



The contest is open until Friday September 30, 2011 at 12pm EDT.
Email your answer to us at .
At that time we will conduct a random drawing of the correct entries.
The grand prize is USD $50 cash transfer via Paypal or USD $50 gift card
to Amazon (your choice) plus one free week of MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud ($20
value), and 4 second prize winners will win a free week of MIMIC Virtual
Lab Cloud (USD $20 value) to practice their skills. We will announce
the winners on this forum. Previous winners of our contests are excluded.

Good luck!