Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud now supports SSH access

You were already able to login to simulated Cisco devices on the console
and via Telnet to practice IOS commands for your CCNA certification. This
Youtube clip demonstrates SSH access to devices in a CCNA pod on
MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud:

or search for "ccna pod ssh access" (without double-quotes).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

MIMIC 11.00 released - new NetFlow Simulator, 50,000 agents

There is a new release of MIMIC Simulation Suite, version 11.00. New features
  • MIMIC NetFlow Simulator
  • 50,000 agents simulated on one box (instead of previous limit of 20,000)
  • UDP support in MIMIC Server Simulator
The NetFlow Simulator in combination with SNMP Simulator allows simulating large
flow-based monitoring environments. MIMIC Simulator is the engine behind Gambit's 
24/7 SaaS offering for Cisco CCNA practice labs, MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud. With MIMIC 
scaling to 50,000 devices, it enables Cisco training organizations to provide thousands of 
CCNA lab pods running simultaneously. UDP support in the Server Simulator allows
proxying of scores of DNS servers, for example.

The complete press release with more details is at