Monday, May 13, 2013

Device42 Chooses MIMIC Simulator

Device42 Chooses MIMIC Simulator Suite for QA & Customer Support of

Comprehensive Data Center Management Software

"Device42 is a comprehensive solution to manage the IT
assets in the server room,  and outside the server room with
IP address management, centralized password management
and application dependency mappings. Device42 software
makes it easy for IT Infrastructure managers and network
administrators to document data centers, servers and
networks and gives them un-paralleled insight into IT
Infrastructure as a whole. To verify their new features and to
better support customers, device42 is using MIMIC SNMP
Simulator to supplement their physical test lab.


With MIMIC, device42 reduces the time to deliver product updates to the customers while
ensuring high product quality and reducing capital expenditures.


It has saved thousands of dollars in hardware expenses and significant amount of time in
QA and customer support. ", Raj Jalan, Founder and Chief Architect, device42 llc"

Read the case study (PDF) .

Friday, May 3, 2013

SNMPv3 USM configuration with MIMIC SNMP Simulator

This video demonstrates SNMPv3 capabilities in MIMIC SNMP Simulator by
interoperating with SNMP Research's Enterpol application: