Thursday, July 15, 2021

Self-service online MQTT Lab up to 10,000 sensors available on AWS Marketplace

We have recently added a 10k size for our online, self-service MQTT
labs on the AWS Marketplace, designed for development, testing,
proof-of-concept, training of large IoT applications. The affordable
prices are

Lab                                                   Hourly       Annual

MIMIC MQTT Lab - 10 sensors         $0.10        $ 300.00

MIMIC MQTT Lab - 100 sensors       $0.30        $ 600.00

MIMIC MQTT Lab - 1000 sensors     $0.90        $2000.00

MIMIC MQTT Lab - 10000 sensors   $1.80        $4000.00

(all + AWS usage fees)

For details check


For custom pricing (size, duration) contact us.

Here is a 2-minute video of 1000 sensors publishing to the EMQX broker
running in a separate EC2 instance: