Friday, May 4, 2012

MIMIC SNMP Simulator 12.00 Performance Report

"The goal of this report is to help you make a choice of operating system platform that best performs for MIMIC SNMP Simulator. We compare the 2 most popular choices – Windows and Linux, both on common hardware (a quad core Intel system) and on the Amazon (AWS) cloud.
Previous reports detailed comparisons between different versions of Linux and Windows. This is the latest performance report for MIMIC 12.00 on the best-performing Linux and Windows platforms. This latest test features current hardware (quad core Intel) and 1 Gb networking between MIMIC system and management system. We focus on 64-bit executable performance, since that is becoming the common case. It is also the first test that includes Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud instances to compare to natively running operating systems.

The report is available to our current customers.