Tuesday, September 13, 2022

MIMIC SNMP Simulator and neteXpose DNA

MIMIC SNMP Simulator can simulate details of each device to the finest level. In 

this integration, netExpose DNA discovered the chassis details of a simulated 

Alcatel switch, allowing them to test their management application with all sorts

of device scenarios.

Friday, August 26, 2022

Migrating to Google IoT Core alternatives

If you are contemplating migrating from Google IoT before it retires in a year, you 

might want to use MIMIC MQTT Simulator and its SaaS offering for Google IoT 

https://mqttlab.iotsim.io/gcp to design / develop / test your migration strategy.

MIMIC MQTT Simulator allows you to simulate a large number of your assets that 

connect to Google IoT Core, then migrate them to the alternative of your choice.

You can duplicate your current IoT environment in MIMIC to make sure the new 

IoT platform handles your specific requirements.

Friday, March 4, 2022

MIMIC MQTT Lab for Azure IoT Hub - get started in 5 minutes

 Available for immediate use is MIMIC MQTT Lab Azure to get started with Azure IoT Hub

in minutes, as shown in this 3-minute Youtube video

Start with #nocode, #loweffort, #lowcost, then graduate to more advanced IoT simulation

to develop, test, prototype, demo and train your Azure IoT application.

Generate predictable, customized telemetry graphed in Azure Time Series Insight in under

2 minutes