Friday, January 20, 2012

Social Security Administration is looking for an NMS system

The Social Security Administration just issued a RFI for a
"Enterprise Network Monitoring and Event Correlation System".
From the requirements:

" ...
- Provide continuous availability monitoring of 20,000 devices polling
each device every 4 minutes or less.

- Monitor at least 700,000 network adapters for availability every 4
minutes and for performance problems every 15 minutes or less.

How can you assure that your solution satisfies the requirements of such
a large-scale installation? Run it in a simulated environment provided
by MIMIC Simulator.

MIMIC allows you to build a simulated network environment to exercise
any standards-based network management system. With protocol support
for SNMP, Telnet, SSH, Cisco IOS, SYSLOG, NetFlow, etc; point-and-click
snapshots of existing network infrastructure; recording and replication
of network elements, MIMIC can cost-effectively recreate networks with
tens of thousands of nodes for your testing and demos.