Friday, October 19, 2018

Simulated security cameras to Domoticz

The FOSS (free open-source software) Domoticz home automation system
supports the MQTT IoT protocol to interoperate with a variety of devices
as detailed on their Wiki page.

We setup the MQTT gateway to monitor a Dahua IP camera we got at
Home Depot as detailed in their hardware compatibility page and recorded
the MQTT session.

Then we duplicated this simulation manyfold with MIMIC MQTT Simulator,
and were able to simulate VideoMotion events from any number of simulated
cameras as shown in the screenshot below.

Can you tell which is real and which is simulated?

This 1-minute Youtube video shows which we are manipulating in real-time.
You can generate any video motion events in any order with any frequency
to test your security policies of your IoT application.