Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Changing statistics values in MIMIC SNMP Simulator

FYI, we have published a new instructional video

"Changing statistics values in MIMIC SNMP Simulator"

which shows how to easily change specific statistics counters and
visualize them in a management application.

The video is at

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Study for the Cisco CCNA certification and win cash

We are announcing a new contest, free to all.

All correct answers will be entered in a drawing for a grand prize valued
at $70 ($50 cash transfer + 1 week rental CCNA pod), and four other prizes
for free rental of our Cisco CCNA lab. No need to fill out any forms.

To enter connect to your free demo pod at

and win the contest by answering this question:

1) log onto the console of "Switch 2" and reset the running config using
these commands:

erase nvram:

2) once the device reboots, implement the configuration to connect it
to both uplink switches and "Router 2".

NOTE: Saving the running config before the reload and restoring it
afterwards is NOT what we are looking for!

3) verify connectivity with 3 ping commands.

What are the commands necessary for steps 2 and 3?

Hint: you only need to execute commands on switch2.



The contest is open until Tuesday June 7, 2011 at 12pm EDT.
Email your answer to us at .
At that time we will conduct a random drawing of the correct entries.

The grand prize is USD $50 cash transfer via Paypal or USD $50 gift card
to Amazon (your choice) plus one free week of MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud ($20
value), and 4 second prize winners will win a free week of MIMIC Virtual
Lab Cloud (USD $20 value) to practice their skills. We will announce
the winners on this forum. Previous winners of our contests are excluded.

To see winners of our previous contests, just search for "contest" in this

Regards, and good luck!

Gambit Communications
Developers of MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud and MIMIC SNMP Simulator