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Gambit's MIMIC® Virtual Lab Simplifies CCNA® home study course

Gambit's MIMIC® Virtual Lab Simplifies CCNA® home study course

Networks Inc’s book, “CCNA Simplified”, includes MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA
software, which enables them to provide a hands-on experience to their students
for the preparation of the Cisco certification.

Networks Inc.:

Networks Inc. Ltd was founded by Paul Browning. It offers Cisco training courses,
boot camps and consulting. Students come from all over Europe to attend the
CCNA and CCNP courses.

Paul is author of the book “CCNA Simplified – Your Complete Guide to
passing the CCNA”. It has helped hundreds of people to pass their CCNA exam,
and more importantly, to enjoy a successful career in the IT industry.

The Challenge

CCNA Simplified includes 27 hands on labs along with real world advice and
scenarios. The idea is to let students study at their own pace, from home. They can
read the book, watch the videos of experts configuring the lab, and also practice.
Practicing on the Cisco routers and switches with IOS commands and trying
different configurations is essential to passing the CCNA certification test.
The CCNA Simplified package needed something that would help students to get
hands-on training without spending lots of money on equipment. They wanted to
make sure that students would have confidence to handle any configuration not
only for the CCNA exam, but also in real world scenarios.


Networks Inc. decided to include MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA product in the
CCNA Simplified package. MIMIC gives students access to a real world lab
environment with a network of Cisco Routers and Switches. It lets them get the
hands-on learning experience without buying expensive, cutting-edge racks of

MIMIC gives students the ability to practice for CCNA and other certifications
instead of just reading instructions. They can interact with Routers and Switches,
just like with real devices.

The Technology – MIMIC Virtual Lab CCNA

Award winning MIMIC Virtual Lab is for beginners interested in familiarizing
themselves with the complex environment and for intermediate or expert users
looking to sharpen their skills and move to a higher level.

MIMIC includes a lab with Cisco Routers (2811, 3640 and 7206) and Cisco
Switches (2950, 3550 (2) and 6500) connected with LAN, WAN, ISDN and Serial
links. It supports Cisco’s ICND2 exam, including IPv6 and VLAN support.

Students can Telnet in to any of these devices as if they are connecting to real
devices. Then they can use a large set of IOS Commands to different operations,
e.g. Logging in/out, Get into different modes - User, Privileged, Configuration and
Interface, Set passwords, IP addresses, clock rates, hostname and bandwidth,
Assign routing protocols - RIP, IGRP, EIGRP, BGP, OSPF and IS-IS, Ping other
devices in the lab, Save/load configurations, Boot using flash or TFTP protocol,
Configuration of VLAN, ISDN, CDP, PPP, Frame Relay ACL and NAT protocols
and many other functions required for certifications

Each device in the simulated lab also has Exercises and Tutorials connected to it to
help perform many different configurations.

The Benefits

Networks Inc. is able to supply to students a Virtual Lab along with the lab

With the use of MIMIC, students have a safe environment to practice without
worrying about bringing down the equipment/network and affecting other users.
They can do the complete preparation for the certification test. Along with that,
they can confidently configure new devices on their production network.
Network’s Inc. can bundle a lab that can cost tens of thousands of pounds with the
book for free.

Here is what Paul Browning, Founder of Networks Inc. and author of
CCNA Simplified said, “MIMIC Virtual Lab has really helped my
students to get hands on time with Cisco devices without the expense
of buying equipment. For those who do have access to live routers and
switches, the MIMIC Virtual Lab gives an extra boost and a convenient
way to do labs.”

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