Tuesday, June 15, 2010

MIMIC SNMP Simulator 10.30 Performance Report: Linux Bakeoff

FYI, we have published a new MIMIC Simulator 10.30 Performance Report

"Low scaleability (32-bit) for 11 Linux distributions on quad-CPU Sunfire V40z"

The summary is:
This report compares MIMIC SNMP Simulator 10.30 running 32-bit mode under 11
different Linux distributions on a quad CPU AMD Opteron 850 2.4 GHz Sunfire V40z:

1. Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4
2. Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 5.5
3. CentOS 5.2
4. Fedora Core 6
5. Fedora 7
6. Fedora 8
7. Fedora 9
8. Fedora 10
9. Fedora 11
10. Fedora 12
11. Ubuntu 9.10

The 32-bit and 64-bit executables have comparable performance on all platforms (within single-digit percentage difference with minor
exceptions). In this report we focus on low-scaleability (upto 1000 agents) requirements which can be handled with the 32-bit distribution

In summary, the best overall performer is RedHat Enterprise Linux AS4, followed by RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.5, then CentOS 5.2, Fedora 7,
Fedora Core 6, Fedora 8, with the remaining distributions trailing the field. Unfortunately we are noticing that newer releases of Fedora are
performing worse in this test.

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