Tuesday, July 25, 2017

MIMIC interoperates with Cumulocity IoT Platform

We used the Cumulocity API detailed here to define 100 simulated sensors
with MIMIC MQTT Simulator as shown in this screenshot.

You can use MIMIC to quickly create any set of measurements, events
and alarms for a large number of IoT devices to test your real-time
application on Cumulocity.

Update 12/01/2019:

We have since improved this demo to show a multitude of scenarios.

This 3-minute Youtube video shows 10 sensors publishing dynamic, predictable,
real-time telemetry to test your application.

We have improved on our vehicle-fleet demo to show speeding vehicles in this
30-second video.

We also have implemented our standard simple control system demo in
this 2-minute video.

Get started with Cumulocity IoT in minutes with this online MQTT lab .

Update 7/15/2020:

Check us out on the Software AG partner page .

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