Thursday, March 1, 2018

Integrating Samsung Artik and MIMIC MQTT Simulator via NODE-RED

The Samsung Artik IoT platform exports an API that you can use
to programmatically retrieve and change your device information.

This REST API can then be used in a variety of ways to control your
IoT implementation. In our case, we used it to define the devices that
interact with Artik, eg. for this Youtube video .

One of the ways is through the Node-RED graphical programming
environment. This small setup

allows us to retrieve the device information for our purposes with a
couple of clicks. From an initial state as shown in the Node-RED dashboard

by entering the single Bearer Token of the Artik API, it retrieves the
UserID, registered Device Types and Devices with a couple of clicks on
the trigger nodes.

By saving this information into a file, we can define those devices
as simulated sensors in MIMIC MQTT Simulator

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