Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Testing MQTT Telemetry with arbitrary function

Do you need to test your IoT platforms against arbitrary telemetry data from
a variety of sensors?

You can easily to generate ANY data you want from ANY sensor you want
using MIMIC IoT Simulator.

The below screenshot shows a NODE-RED subscriber client graphing a
simulated sensor publishing data of a Sine function with configurable
amplitude. In this case we just kept expanding the amplitude every minute.

The code to achieve that is shown and consist of a total of 10 lines including
comments and the effort in minutes.

Since the amplitude is parametrized, with the same code you could have
multiple sensors sending the same function, but different amplitudes at any
point in time. Any other parameters can be made unique for each simulated

The next screenshot shows 4 such sensors with different amplitudes
simultaneously. Any more would clutter the single graph too much.

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