Friday, January 11, 2019

Real-time telemetry throttling demo for MQTT.Cool

MQTT.Cool is a web gateway that you put in front of any MQTT broker to
boost its security, performance, and architecture. It allows IoT applications
to connect to your MQTT broker from anywhere on the Internet, even behind
the strictest corporate firewalls and proxies, without sacrificing security.
MQTT.Cool will automatically throttle the data flow for each client, to adapt
to any network congestion. Simply put, MQTT.Cool's unique feature
of optimizing the real-time data flow, rather than forwarding it as a dumb
pipe, is one of the biggest advantages for a Customer's application.

What better way to demonstrate its features than to create an online
demo page that lets you visualize and interact with a sample client?
The open-source client lets you control throttling globally or individually
to see the effect on the data.

The real-time data is generated by MIMIC MQTT Simulator with arbitrary,
customizable, scalable, predictable telemetry. We deployed 10 sensors on
our MQTT Lab to generate a variety of telemetry patterns that is throttled
by MQTT.Cool.

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