Monday, July 26, 2010

MIMIC 10.30 Performance Test Report: Windows 32-bit bakeoff

FYI, we have published a new MIMIC Simulator 10.30 Performance Report

"Windows 32-bit bakeoff on dual-core Intel Pentium"

This report is part of a series meant to answer the question "which
combination of hardware and software performs the best for a particular
SNMP simulation scenario?".

The summary is:
This report compares MIMIC SNMP Simulator 10.30 running under the 5 most
recent Windows versions

    * Windows Server 2003 Standard SP2
    * Windows XP Professional SP3
    * Windows Vista Ultimate SP1
    * Windows Server 2008 Standard
    * Windows 7 Professional

on a commonly available desktop model Dell Vostro 200 with a Intel
Pentium dual core E2160 1.8GHz and 2 GB of RAM.

In this report we focus on the 32-bit executable version of MIMIC. The
64-bit version is documented in a separate report.

As we have seen in past reports, the Windows OS versions successively
perform worse in our standard SNMP performance tests. Windows Server 2003
performs best, followed by XP, Vista and Server 2008 (although it is a
toss-up between those 3, depending on your requirements), and finally
Windows 7 performs worst.

Please contact for details.

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