Friday, November 19, 2010

iCCNAlab 5.50 for Apple iPhone / iPod / iPad

We have just released a new version of the iCCNAlab app for Apple
iPhone / iPod / iPad. The app provides the user interface to CCNA practice
labs. These are on-line labs simulated by MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud. The
new version sports a much improved interface, including the new
"learn-by-example" frame which shows what other users are currently
doing in their pods.

Gambit's MIMIC Virtual Lab along with the Cisco certification course
material provide you a complete package for your Cisco CCNA training.
You have access to a virtual practice lab of Cisco routers and switches
to explore troubleshooting scenarios and apply classroom coursework at
your own pace, anywhere, anytime.

Using your Apple mobile device, you can access the lab and can quickly begin
practicing a large set of Cisco IOS commands on various Cisco Routers and
Switches. These devices are connected using LAN, WAN and Serial links.
You can interact with the lab network, just like they are accessing real
devices.  At the same time you can experiment with different
configurations on the devices and network without worrying about
misconfiguring them, at a fraction of the cost of a physical lab. In addition, you
also have access to these labs through any web browser, which gives you the
added choice and flexibility to practice your course work from anywhere.

Below is a sample pod session on an iPad.

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