Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cheating on certification exams is nothing new

The recent Network World article on cheating should remind us that certifications
and diplomas are really just claims of knowledge. This topic was covered more
than 2 years ago in this Network World article, so is nothing new, except to point
out that the problem has not gotten better.

What is the prospective employer to do? Take the certification and diplomas with
a grain of salt, and do your due diligence. Interviews should uncover whether the
candidate actually possesses the knowledge the diploma purports. If they claim
knowledge of Cisco IOS, ask the right questions, then sit them in front of a IOS
simulator such as MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud and have them solve a simple problem,
such as the one in this contest.

MIMIC Virtual Lab Cloud is a SaaS-based CCNA practice lab powered by MIMIC
SNMP Simulator. Students can access their own Cisco IOS practice lab anytime
from anywhere, even from their Apple iPhone.

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