Monday, February 7, 2011

Internet runs out of addresses

The Number Resource Organization (NRO) just announced the depletion of IPv4 addresses.

If you think of IPv4 addresses as a land-grab, then the days of cheap real-estate are done, and
IPv4 addresses just became more valuable. Organizations will have to either pay more
for addresses, or find some new land in IPv6, as explained in this article. The transition to IPv6
will take a while, and will be fraught with pain.

Gambit's products will help organizations in this transition, by simulating IPv6 environments.
MIMIC SNMP Simulator can create large IPv6 networks to develop and test network management
applications and customizations. MIMIC IOS Simulator and Virtual Lab allow training on IPv6
IOS commands and policies.

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Gambit Communications said...

We now have a valuation for addresses:
Microsoft is buying 666,624 addresses for
$7.5M, that's $10+ per address.
See details