Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MIMIC controlling multiple simulators

With MIMIC, you can control an unlimited number of SNMP agent simulations
in different ways.

The attached picture shows different ways of MIMICView controlling
multiple MIMIC simulators (as indicated in each title bar):

1) top left, it controls the MIMICD running on localhost with 98 agents.
Notice they are all running (green), and some activity to one of the
agents (agent 76).

2) bottom left, it controls a MIMICD running on another box on same LAN.
Notice a different set of agents, all stopped (red).

3) top right, a MIMICView running on local system controls a MIMICD
running on AWS instance. Notice the different version 13.20, and different
agents in different states.

4) bottom right, a MIMICView running on AWS instance is displaying on
local X server.

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