Friday, January 19, 2018

Real-time simulated control system on Samsung Artik

In this one-minute Youtube video you'll see a real-time simulation in
MIMIC MQTT Simulator of a control system with multiple sensors exporting
temperature values to the Samsung Artik IoT platform. The values increase
until a threshold, at which time the platform rule activates an actuator,
causing the temperature values drop. When low enough, the actuator is
turned off.

This setup quickly simulates what happens in any kind of control system,
be it a data center with heating computers and fans to cool them, dams with
rising water levels and valves to release the water, pressure inside reactors,

What is missing in this simulation are backup rules in case the temperature
does not respond as expected. Once implemented, the simulation can
verify any pathological scenario, allowing disaster training, etc.

MIMIC MQTT Simulator can prototype solutions in a fraction of the time of
real systems.

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