Friday, June 22, 2018

MIMIC MQTT Lab for Crouton Dashboard

Crouton is an open-source MQTT subscriber dashboard application based on
Node.js . It relies on its own JSON-based protocol layered on top of MQTT to
deliver dashboard features.

MIMIC MQTT Simulator is a scalable, customizable, predictable, dynamic
simulation platform designed allow rapid development / testing / deployment
/ tuning / training / demonstration of large-scale  Internet of Things

We have tailored one of our MQTT Labs to interact with Crouton through any
supported public broker. With it you can quickly explore Crouton features,
since you can customize payloads to the Crouton requirements instead of
low-level coding. Since values are dynamically changeable at runtime, you
can investigate dashboard deployment under a variety of scenarios. By
running many sensors, you can determine how scalable Crouton is.

This one-minute Youtube video shows it in action.

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