Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Virtual IoT Simulator Lab for Thingworx

In our quest for MIMIC MQTT Simulator to interoperate with a wide variety of
Internet of Things platforms and applications we have completed a scenario
where simulated sensors are feeding real-time, precisely controllable
telemetry via MQTT to PTC's Thingworx Industrial Connectivity.

With MIMIC you can simulate end-to-end large numbers of sensors and
actuators to create the complex scenarios for rapid development,
complete testing, thorough tuning and compelling demo and training
of IoT applications like Thingworx.

This 2-minute Youtube video demonstrates how a simulated sensor is
producing arbitrary and precise telemetry as charted in a hosted
Thingworx Foundation instance. This will now be extended to add
edge processing of a large number of sensors.

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