Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Emergency Shutoff scenario: Losant IoT Platform

In previous posts we examined how different platforms, such as
LosantSamsung ArtikIBM Watson,  allow implementing a real-time,
dynamic, bi-directional IoT control system: imagine a manufacturing floor
with machines heating up, and a cooling system to cool them down. A sensor
on each machine reports current temperature to the platform, which
if high enough, turns on the cooling system, at which point machines
cool down, and when temperatures are low enough turns the A/C off.

This is all fine in a steady state scenario, where everything behaves
as it should. But when does equipment not break ever?

We used MIMIC MQTT Simulator to create a pathological scenario to make
one of the simulated machines misbehave, and keep heating up even after
the A/C is on.

An emergency shutoff rule on the platform kicks in to prevent the machine
from overheating and shuts off everything, or just the machine in question.

Hope you have tested that in your control system...

This 2-minute Youtube video shows this in action with the Losant IoT platform.

Update 6/12/2019: This more recent video shows more sensors and Losant
dashboard features. 

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